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        Chinese Physics Letters

        2015 年12期 目录
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        Anisotropic Plane Symmetric Two-Fluid Cosmological Model with Time-Varying G and A Verma M.K.;Chandel S.;Ram Shri;
        Monte Carlo Renormalization Group Method to Study the First-Order Phase Transition in the Complex Ferromagnet 孟庆宽;冯东太;高绪团;
        Synchronization in the Uncoupled Neuron System 张季谦;黄守芳;庞四焘;汪茂胜;高升;
        A Model-Independent Discussion of Quark Number Density and Quark Condensate at Zero Temperature and Finite Quark Chemical Potential 徐书生;蒋宇;史潮;崔著钫;宗红石;
        Thermal Width for Heavy Quarkonium in the Static Limit 史超逸;朱佳庆;马智磊;李云德;
        Quark Loop Contribution to the Gluon Damping Rate in Hot QCD 马智磊;朱佳庆;史超逸;李云德;
        Discussion of Various Susceptibilities within Thermal and Dense Quantum Chromodynamics 徐书生;石远美;杨友昌;崔著钫;宗红石;
        Sensitivity of Pion versus Parton-Jet Nuclear Modification Factors to the Path-Length Dependence of Jet-Energy Loss at RHIC and LHC Barbara Betz;Miklos Gyulassy;
        Contribution of Coherent and Incoherent π-Photoproduction Channels to the Spin Asymmetry and the GDH Sum Rule for the Deuteron Darwish Eed M.;
        Momentum-Dependent Symmetry Potential from Nuclear Collective Flows in Heavy Ion Collisions at Intermediate Energies 谢文杰;冯兆庆;
        Examination of Potential Energy Curves of CFCl by Multi-reference Configuration Interaction Method 孙二平;刘启鑫;任廷琦;单石敏;徐海峰;闫冰;
        Tune-Out Wavelengths for the Rb Atom 于伟威;于荣梅;程勇军;
        High-Performance Sodium Bose-Einstein Condensate Apparatus with a Hybrid Trap and Long-Distance Magnetic Transfer 张峰;龙云;杨江陵;马国强;殷冀平;王如泉;
        Efficient Diode-End-Pumped Actively Q-Switched Nd:YLF/SrWO_4 Raman Laser 刘杨;刘兆军;丛振华;门少杰;夏金宝;饶瀚;张飒飒;
        Fully Immersing Water-Cooled Radial Slab Laser and its Incoherent Beam Combination 田兆硕;苗杰光;徐志敬;曲婷;付石友;
        Aperture-Scanning Fourier Ptychographic Encoding with Phase Modulation 谢宗良;马浩统;亓波;任戈;谭玉凤;贺璧;曾恒亮;江川;
        Second-Order Correlation Function for Asymmetric-to-Symmetric Transitions due to Spectrally Indistinguishable Biexciton Cascade Emission 武雪飞;窦秀明;丁琨;周鹏宇;倪海桥;牛智川;朱海军;江德生;赵翠兰;孙宝权;
        Geoacoustic Inversion for Bottom Parameters in the Deep-Water Area of the South China Sea 吴双林;李整林;秦继兴;
        Geoacoustic Inversion Based on Modal Dispersion Curve for Range-Dependent Environment 郭晓乐;杨坤德;马远良;杨秋龙;
        The V(z) Inversion Technique for Evaluation of an Adhesively Bonded Structure 刘婧;徐卫疆;胡文祥;OURAK Mohamed;DUBOIS Andre;
        A Novel Algorithm for the Sound Field of Rectangular-Shaped Transducers 丁德胜;沈长圣;吕华;
        Experimental Observation of Cumulative Second-Harmonic Generation of Circumferential Guided Wave Propagation in a Circular Tube 邓明晰;高广健;李明亮;
        Comparison of Three Methods in Extracting Coherent Modes from a Doppler Backscatter System 张小辉;刘阿娣;周楚;胡健强;王明远;俞昌旋;刘万东;李弘;兰涛;谢锦林;
        Absolute and Convective Instabilities of Two-Plasmon Decay in an Inhomogeneous Magnetized Plasma 孙新锋;江中和;徐涛;胡希伟;庄革;王璐;王小红;
        Analysis of Low-Frequency Vibrational Modes and Particle Rearrangements in Marginally Jammed Amorphous Solid under Quasi-Static Shear 董远湘;张国华;孙其诚;赵雪丹;牛晓娜;
        Raman Scattering Modification Induced by Structural Change in Alumina Polymorphs 张建;李海涛;郭俊宏;胡芳仁;
        Fabrication and Characterization of 1700 V 4H-SiC Vertical Double-Implanted Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors 申华军;唐亚超;彭朝阳;邓小川;白云;王弋宇;李诚瞻;刘可安;刘新宇;
        Observation of a Current Plateau in the Transfer Characteristics of InGaN/AlGaN/AlN/GaN Heterojunction Field Effect Transistors 闫俊达;王权;王晓亮;肖红领;姜丽娟;殷海波;冯春;王翠梅;渠慎奇;巩稼民;张博;李百泉;王占国;侯洵;
        Electrical-Controlled Transport for Surface States in a Dirac Semimetal Quantum Wire 肖贤波;刘正方;何扬名;李会丽;艾国平;杜琰;
        Shot Noise of the Conductance through a Superconducting Barrier in Graphene 刘汨;朱瑞;
        High Thermoelectric Figure of Merit of Ag_8SnS_6 Component Prepared by Electrodeposition Technique TAHER Ghrib;AMAL Lafy Al-Otaibi;MUNIRAH Abdullah Almessiere;IBTISSEM Ben Assaker;RADHOUANE Chtourou;
        Doping Evolution of the Superconducting Gap Structure in Heavily Hole-Doped Ba_(1-x)K_xFe_2As_2:a Heat Transport Study 洪晓晨;王爱峰;张震;潘坚;何兰坡;罗习刚;陈仙辉;李世燕;
        Field-Induced Structural Transition in the Bond Frustrated Spinel ZnCr_2Se_4 陈绪亮;宋文海;杨昭荣;
        Preparation of Highly Textured Bi and MnBi Films by the Pulsed Laser Deposition Method 周栋;张银峰;马小柏;刘顺荃;韩景智;朱明刚;王常生;杨金波;
        Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Properties of the Staircase Kagome Antiferromagnet PbCu_3TeO_7 代佳;王朋帅;孙珊珊;庞斐;张金珊;董晓莉;乐艮;金魁;丛君状;孙阳;于伟强;
        Refractive Index and Electronic Polarizability of Ternary Chalcopyrite Semiconductors KUMAR V.;SINHA Anita;SINGH B.P.;SINHA A.P.;JHA V.;
        Ag_3PO_4 Microcrystals Synthesized by Room-Temperature Solid State Reaction:Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity and Photoelectronchemistry Performance 郝辰春;许杰;施洪龙;付军丽;邹斌;孟杉;王文忠;贾莹;
        The Morphology of Patterning with Pseudoplastic Metal Nanoparticle Fluids during Heat Treatment 王文;苏宇峰;刘超然;李冬雪;王盼;段智勇;
        Improvement of the Open Circuit Voltage of CZTSe Thin-Film Solar Cells by Surface Sulfurization Using SnS 孙顶;葛阳;许盛之;张力;李宝璋;王广才;魏长春;赵颖;张晓丹;
        Passive Quenching Electronics for Geiger Mode 4H-SiC Avalanche Photodiodes 刘飞;周东;陆海;陈敦军;任芳芳;张荣;郑有炓;
        High Signal-to-Noise Ratio Hall Devices with a 2D Structure of Dual δ-Doped GaAs/AlGaAs for Low Field Magnetometry 陈笛;赵柏秦;张新;
        An Array Consisting of 10 High-Speed Side-Illuminated Evanescently Coupled Waveguide Photodetectors Each with a Bandwidth of 20 GHz 吕倩倩;叶焓;尹冬冬;杨晓红;韩勤;
        Factors That Affect the Centrality Controllability of Scale-Free Networks 胡栋;孙先;李平;陈雁;张捷;
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