Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition)
        主办: 中国地质学会
        周期: 双月
        语种: 英文;
        开本: 16开
        ISSN 1000-9515
        CN 11-2001/P
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        Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition)

        2016 年S1期 目录
        Dyke Swarms: Keys to Paleogeographic Reconstructions, Preface for IDC7 2016 PENG Peng;Richard ERNST;
        Refining the Stratigraphy of the Taghdout Group by Using the U-Pb Geochronology of the Taghdout Sill(Zenaga inlier, Anti-Atlas, Morocco) Abdelhak AIT LAHNA;Colombo Celso Gaeta TASSINARI;Nasrrddine YOUBI;Hassan ADMOU;Jo?o MATA;El Hafid BOUOUGRI;Latifa CHAIB;Richard E.ERNST;Ulf S?DERLUND;Moulay Ahmed BOUMEHDI;Mohamed Khalil BENSALAH;El Mostapha AARAB;
        Does Geochronology of Few Dykes of a Swarm are True Representative of All Dykes of the Same Magmatic Event?: Constraints from the Geochemistry and Google~(TM) Earth Image–ArcG IS~(TM) Studies of the Paleoproterozoic Mafic Dyke Swarms of the Eastern Dharwa Amiya K.Samal;Rajesh K.Srivastava;
        Lateral Magma Flow in Mafic Sill-complexes Craig Magee;James D Muirhead;Alex Karvelas;Simon P Holford;Christopher A-L Jackson;Ian D.Bastow;Nick Schofield;Carl TE Stevenson;Charlotte Mc Lean;William Mc Carthy;Olga Shtukert;
        Proterozoic Dyke Swarms of the Siberian Craton and Their Geodynamic Implications Dmitry P.GLADKOCHUB;Tatiana V.DONSKAYA;Richard E.ERNST;Sergei A.PISAREVSKY;Michael T.D.WINGATE;Ulf S?DERLUND;
        Mesoarchean Gridino Mafic Dykes Swarm of the Belomorian Eclogite Province of the Fennoscandian Shield(Russia) Dokukina K.A.;Mints M.V.;Konilov A.N.;
        Mafic, Ultramafic and Carbonatitic Dykes in the Southern Siberian Craton with Age of ca 1 Ga: Remnants of a New Large Igneous Province? Elena I.DEMONTEROVA;Alexei V.IVANOV;Valentina B.SAVELYEVA;
        Mafic Dykes in Rauer Islands and Vestfold Hills(East Antartica): A Geochemical and Nd Isotopic Comparison Arguing Against Their Correlation Evgenii V.Mikhalsky;Nickolay L.Alexeev;Igor A.Kamenev;Steven D.Boger;Roland Maas;
        Mafic Dyke Swarms: Their Temporality and Bearing on the Secular Evolution of the Earth Michael A.HAMILTON;
        Updated Digital Map of Mafic Dyke Swarms and Large Igneous Provinces in Western Australia Michael T.D.WINGATE;David Mc B.MARTIN;
        Morocco, North Africa: a Dyke Swarm Bonanza Nasrrddine YOUBI;Richard E.ERNST;Ulf S?DERLUND;Moulay Ahmed BOUMEHDI;Mohamed Khalil BENSALAH;El Mostafa AARAB;
        1:2500 000 Map of Precambrian Dyke Swarms and Related Units in North China PENG Peng;
        Neoarchaean-Palaeoproterozoic Mafic Dyke Swarms from the Singhbhum Granite Complex, Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India: Implications for Identification of Large Igneous Provinces and Their Possible Continuation on Other Formerly Adjacent Crustal Blocks Rajesh K.Srivastava;Ulf S?derlund;Richard E.Ernst;Sisir K.Mondal;Amiya K.Samal;
        Dyke Map Of Indian Cratons Ravi Shankar;
        Guidelines for Preparing Comprehensive Regional Mafic Dyke Swarm Maps Richard E.ERNST;Kenneth L.BUCHAN;
        Map of Mafic Dyke Swarms and Related Units of Russia and Adjacent Regions Richard E.ERNST;Kenneth L.BUCHAN;Svetlana BOTSYUN;
        Petroleum Geological Map of Igneous Rocks in the Basins of China and Adjacent Areas SHI Yongmin;CHEN Shumin;WANG Lei;SHI Xiang;DU Shuheng;
        Precambrian Dykes in the S?o Francisco Craton Revisited: Geochemical-isotopic Signatures and Tectonic Significance Wilson TEIXEIRA;Vicente A.V..GIRARDI;Maurizio Mazzucchelli;Elson P.OLIVEIRA;Paulo C.CORRêA DA COSTA;
        Mapping the Dyke Swarms of the Eastern Desert, Egypt Zakaria Hamimi;Basem Zoheir;Safaa M.Hasan;Richard E.Ernst;
        Distribution and U-Pb Ages of Newly Recognized Regional-Scale Dyke Swarms of the Leo Man Craton L.BARATOUX;M.W.JESSELL;U.S?DERLUND;R.E.ERNST;M.BENOIT;S.NABA;C.COURNèDE;S.PERROUTY;V.METELKA;D.YATTE;D.P.DIALLO;P.M.NDIAYE;D.BARATOUX;
        Geochemistry and Geochronology of Circumferential Dykes of the Franklin LIP: A Rotated Perspective on Plate Reconstruction Steven DENYSZYN;Grant COX;Galen HALVERSON;
        Advancing beyond May 1971: How Do We Deal with the Possibility of Complicated Dyke Geometries, Long-Lived Lips, and Contrasting Basement Geological Provinces? David A.D.EVANS;
        Paleomagnetism of Metamorphosed Sudbury Dykes, Canada: Relevance to a Theory of Crustal Shortening across the Grenville Collisional Orogen Henry HALLS;
        Paleomagnetic Evidence for Tectonic Setting of Paleoproterozoic Dyke Swarms in the North China Craton, China HUANG Baochun;
        The Lower Cretaceous Giant Dyke Swarms in the Arctic and Its Significance for linking of Siberia-Iceland Hot-Spot Track LIU Zhonglan;LI Jianghai;ZHANG Huatian;
        Late Paleoproterozoic Paleogeography of Baltica and Laurentia: New Paleomagnetic Data from 1.80–1.75 Ga Mafic Intrusions of Fennoscandia and Sarmatia Natalia V.LUBNINA;Sergei A.PISAREVSKY;Svetlana V.BOGDANOVA;Svetoslav J.SOKOLOV;
        ID-TIMS U-Pb Geochronology of the Tayatea Dyke Swarm of Australia: Identifying Tasmania's Nearest Neighbours in the Proterozoic Charmaine MCGREGOR;Steven DENYSZYN;Galen HALVERSON;John EVERARD;Grace CUMMING;Clive CALVER;
        Tectonic Implications of the Combined Use of Tectonomagmatic Geochemical Discrimination Diagrams and Indicators of Magma Flow Sense in Mafic Dykes Elson P.OLIVEIRA;Sanjeet K.VERMA;
        Paleomagnetic Data and Dyke Swarms Geometries – Important Tools for Precambrian Paleogeographic Reconstructions Sergei A.PISAREVSKY;
        Palaeomagnetic and Rockmagnetic Behaviour of Dykes from Hyderabad Granitic Region, Part of Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India B.Madhusudan RAO;R.SANDHYA;M.R.GOUTHAM;B.V.S.MURTHY;
        Mesoproterozoic Nuna Supercontinent and the Geomagnetic Field in Light of Recent Paleomagnetic Data from Diabase Dykes of Finland Johanna M.SALMINEN;Robert KLEIN;Toni VEIKKOLAINEN;Lauri J.PESONEN;Satu MERTANEN;
        Palaeomagnetic Study on a 1765 Ma Dyke Swarm from Singhbhum Craton: Implications to the Paleogeographic Position of India Ravi SHANKAR;D.Srinivasa SARMA;
        Tectonic Environments of the Yan-Liao Rift during Earth's Middle Age(1.7~0.75 Ga): Evidence from Mafic Dyke Swarms in Eastern Hebei, North China WANG Chong;PENG Peng;WANG Xinping;YANG Shuyan;
        Age Recalibration of the Xiaofeng Dykes, South China, and Its Implications for True Polar Wander at ~820 Ma WANG Tiantian;ZHANG Shihong;Jahandar RAMEZANI;
        Late Paleoproterozoic-Neoproterozoic Multi-rifting Events Accompanied by Four Stages of Magmatism in the North China Craton and Their Geological Significance ZHAI Mingguo;HU Bo;ZHAO Taiping;PENG Peng;MENG Qingren;
        The Long-Wavelength Mantle Structure, and the supercontinent Evolution since the Paleozoic ZHANG Nan;LI Zheng-Xiang;ZHONG Shijie;
        Assembly, Accretion and Break-up of the Paleo-Mesoproterozoic Columbia(Nuna) Supercontinent: Records in the North China Craton ZHAO Guochun;
        Mapping the Dyke Swarms of the Eglab-Yetti Region, Southwestern Algeria Massinissa AMARA;Anissa BENMAMMAR;Sonia OUADAHI;Richard E.ERNST;Abderahmane BENDAOUD;Mark JESSELL;Safouane DJEMA?;Mohamed HAMOUDI;
        High Spatial Resolution Mapping of Dykes Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) Photogrammetry: New Insights On Emplacement Processes Alexander CRUDEN;Stefan VOLLGGER;Greg DERING;Steven MICKLETHWAITE;
        An Elevated Perspective: Dyke-Related Fracture Networks Analysed with Uav Photogrammetry Gregory DERING;Steven MICKLETHWAITE;Stephen J.BARNES;Marco FIORENTINI;Alexander CRUDEN;Eric TOHVER;
        The Ogaden Dyke Swarm: Red Sea Rifting Continued in the Somalia Plate? Daniel MèGE;Peter G.PURCELL;Antoine BéZOS;Fred JOURDAN;
        Emplacement of Dyke Swarms, Cretaceous Volcanism and Development of Petroliferous Basins in and around Peninsular India Kiran.S.MISRA;Anshuman MISRA;
        Extensional Tectonics, Rifting, Formation of Sedimentary Basins, Cretaceous Volcanism, Emplacement of Dyke Swarms and Development of Hydrocarbon Pools: Case Studies from Peninsular India and Indian Ocean Region K.S.MISRA;
        Integrating Landsat 8 and Corona KH-4B Imagery to Semi-Automatically Extract Dyke Geometries in Kuluktag Region, Xinjiang NI Nina;CHEN Ninghua;YANG Shufeng;
        Mapping the Dyke Swarms Emplaced within the Different Archean Cratons of the Indian Shield Using Google~(TM) Earth Images and Arc GIS~(TM) Techniques Rajesh K.SRIVASTAVA;Amiya K.SAMAL;Richard E.ERNST;
        Evidence for A Neoarchean LIP Remnant in the Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India: Implications to Vaalbara Supercontinent Anil Kumar;Ravi Shankar;V.Parashuramulu;Jean Besse;
        The Timing of the Palaeoproterozoic Great Oxidation Event using Dykes, Sills and Bolcanics of the Ongeluk Large Igneous Province, Kaapvaal Craton Ashley P.GUMSLEY;Kevin R.CHAMBERLAIN;Wouter BLEEKER;Ulf S?DERLUND;Michiel O.DE KOCK;Tobias C.KAMPMANN;Emilie R.LARSSON;Andrey BEKKER;
        Minto Large Igneous Province: A 2.00 Ga Mafic Magmatic Event in the Eastern Superior Craton Based on U-Pb Baddeleyite Geochronology and Paleomagnetism Michael A.HAMILTON;Jean GOUTIER;Kenneth L.BUCHAN;
        Geochronological, Geochemical and Paleomagnetic Clues for Existence of a ~2.1Ga Dyke Generation in the Mashishing Area, South Africa Hervé Wabo;Georgy Belyanin;Michiel O.de Kock;Fabien Humbert;Ulf S?derlund;Léonie P.Maré;Jan Kramers;Nicolas J.Beukes;
        Evidences for Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic Basaltic Magmatism in Southwestern Cameroon and Implications for Correlations between the Gulf of Guinea in Africa and Northeast Brazil Jean Pierre Tchouankoue;Armelle Nicole Simeni Wambo;Noel Aime Keutchafo Kouamo;LI Xianhua;
        Petrology and Geochronology of Monzonite Porphyry Intruding in Xiong'er Volcanic Rocks in Xiaoshan Area, Western Henan Province LI Linlin;SHI Yuruo;
        Accessary Minerals SIMS U-Th-Pb Dating for Kimberlite and Lamproite LI Qiuli;LI Xianhua;WU Fuyuan;LIU Yu;TANG Guoqiang;
        Geochronological Framework and Geodynamic Implications of Mafic Dykes in the Liaodong Peninsula, North China Craton LI Zhuang;CHEN Bin;
        Constraining the Timing of the Molopo Farms Complex Emplacement and Provenance of Its Country Rock Michiel O.de Kock;Livhuwani Ravhura;Clarisa Vorster;Nicolas J.Beukes;Ashley P.Gumsley;
        U-Pb SHRIMP-II Baddeleyite and Zircon Dating of the Early Proterozoic Monchegorsk Layered Mafite-Ultramafite Complex(Kola Peninsula): Evidence of Synchronous Magmatism Nickolay V.Rodionov;Anton A.Antonov;Boris V.Belyatsky;Sergey A.Sergeev;
        New U-Pb Ages for Mafic Dykes of SE Greenland Mimmi K.M.NILSSON;Michael A.HAMILTON;
        Geochronology of Mafic Intrusions Ulf S?DERLUND;
        Key Dolerite Dyke Swarms of Amazonia: U-Pb Constraints on Supercontinent Cycles and Geodynamic Connections with Global LIP Events Through Time Wilson TEIXEIRA;Mike A.HAMILTON;Vicente A.V.GIRARDI;Frederico M.FALEIROS;
        Elusive Cenozoic Metamorphism in Mafic Dike Swarms within the Tethyan Himalaya, Southern Tibet ZENG Lingsen;WANG Yuhua;GAO Li'E;WANG Yaying;
        Geochronology and Tectonic Implications of Diabase Intruded Into Xiangshan Group in the Southeastern Alxa Block, NW China ZHANG Yiping;CHEN Xuanhua;ZHANG Jin;
        Mafic dykes swarms from the Chhotanagpur Gneiess Complex, Singhbhum craton, eastern India Anup K.Sinha;Rajesh K.Srivastava;
        Petrography and Tectonic Setting of Dykes in the Granitoid Intrusive, South to East-Qorveh(Kurdistan Province), Iran Ashraf Torkian;
        Dyke Swarms Florianópolis: Petrologic and Structural Aspects Related to Rifting Supercontinent Gondwana and Formation South Atlantic in the Santa Catarina of Island, Brazil Edison R.Tomazzoli;Jean de B.Veronez;
        Mineralogical Study of Almandine-Hercynite-Muscovite-Ilmenite Hornblendite Dykes from the Southern Margin of the Gondwana Graben at Richughuta in Palamau District of the Eastern Indian Shield N.C.Ghose;P.M.George;S.Pandey;
        Geochemistry and Emplacement of Post-collisional Shoshonitic Dyke Swarms, NW of Iran A.Jahangiri;M.Fadaeian;A.Songjian;
        Mafic Dykes on Bornholm(Denmark) as Indicators of Precambrian to Permian Extensional Events at the SW Margin of the Fennoscandian Shield Karsten Obst;
        Lamprophyres from Southern Karnataka, Dharwar Craton, India: Insight on the Rodinia Break-up and Addition of Juvenile Crust Kirtikumar R.Randive;
        Neoproteroic Magmatism Related to Lithospheric Delamination: Implications from Three Episodes of Mafic Dykes and Associated Granitoids in the Pengguan Complex, Western Sichuan Province, Yangtze Block LI Junyong;WANG Xiaolei;
        Geochemistry and Geochronology of the High-Mg Gabbro Dykes from Quanji Massif: Implications for the Amalgamation of Tarim Block in NW China and Assembly of the Rodinia Supercontinent LIAO Fanxi;CHEN Nengsong;M.Santosh;SUN Min;WANG Qinyan;XU Yixian;
        A Possible Mechanism to Thin Lithosphere of the North China Craton: Insights from Cretaceous Mafic Dikes in the Jiaodong Pensinsula MA Liang;JIANG Shaoyong;Albrecht W.Hofmann;XU Yigang;
        Evidence of An Early Cretaceous Giant Dyke Swarm in Northeast Brazil(South America): A Geodynamic Overview Maria Helena B.M.HOLLANDA;Carlos J.ARCHANJO;Paul R.RENNE;Donald E.NGONGE;David L.CASTRO;Diógenes C.OLIVEIRA;Antomat A.MACêDO FILHO;
        The Beni Bousera Peridotite(Rif Belt, Morocco): A Subsolidus Evolution Interpretation MOURABIT Zahra;TABIT Abdelhalim;ALGOUTI Ahmed;ALGOUTI Abdellah;
        Role of Multi-Generation Dyke Emplacements in Moyar-Bhavani Shear Zone, South India P.Pratheesh;V.Prasannakumar;K.R.Praveen;C.Vikas;
        Large-Scale Segregation of Immiscible Liquids in the 1780 Ma Taihang Dykes to Produce the Bimodal Xiong'er Volcanics(North China) PENG Peng;WANG Xinping;WANG Chong;LAI Yong;
        Geochronology, Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Dike Swarms in Beishan, Gansu QI Qi;WANG Yonghe;FENG Minxuan;YANG Jianguo;YU Jiyuan;WANG Lei;WANG Xiaohong;
        Petrogenesis and Tectonic Significance of An Early Paleoproterozoic High-Mg Boninite-Norite-Diorite Suite of Rocks from the Bastar Craton, Central India Rajesh K.Srivastava;Gulab C.Gautam;
        Environmental Implication of Subaqueous Lava Flows from A Continental Large Igneous Province: Examples from the Moroccan Central Atlantic Magmatic Province(CAMP) S.EL GHILANI;N.YOUBI;J.MADEIRA;E.H.CHELLAI;ALBERTO LóPEZGALINDO;L.MARTINS;J.MATA;
        Mafic Dyke Records of Paleoproterozoic Mantle Plume Activity in the Karelian Craton: U-Pb Baddeleyite/Zircon Geochronology and Sr-Nd Isotopic Data Samsonov A.V.;Stepanova A.V.;Salnikova E.B.;Larionova Yu.O.;Egorova S.V.;Larionov A.N.;
        Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Palaeomagnetism of Mafic Dykes from Kumaun Lesser Himalaya: Implication on Petrogenesis, Tectonic Setting and Timing of Mafic Magmatism in Northern Part of Indian Lithosphere Santosh Kumar;N.Surdas Singh;S.K.Patil;
        Geochemical Characteristics of Proterozoic Mafic Dykes from the Bomdila Group of Rocks, NE Lesser Himalaya, India Shaik A Rashid;Naqeebul Islam;
        The 2405 Ma and 2310 Ma Mafic Dyke Swarms in the Karelian Craton: Age, Chemical and Sr-Nd Isotope Composition, and Tectonic Setting Stepanova A.V.;Salnikova E.B.;Samsonov A.V.;Larionova Yu.O.;Egorova S.V.;Stepanov V.S.;
        Geochemistry and Tectonic Settings of Felsic Dykes in the Neoproterozoic Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex, SE Sindh, Pakistan Tahseenullah Khan;Mamoru Murata;M.Qasim Jan;Hafiz Ur Rehman;Muhammad Zafar;Hiroaki Ozawa;Anwar Qadir;Saqib Mehmood;
        Age and Geochemical Characteristics of Major Mafic Dyke Swarms in the Southern Part of the Siberian Craton Tatiana V.DONSKAYA;Dmitry P.GLADKOCHUB;Richard E.ERNST;Sergei A.PISAREVSKY;Anatoliy M.MAZUKABZOV;Ulf S?DERLUND;Michael T.D.WINGATE;Michael A.HAMILTON;Elena I.DEMONTEROVA;
        Nature of Three Episodes of Magmatism(2181 Ma, 2115 Ma and 1891 Ma) in the Liaohe Rift of North China: Implications for Tectonic Evolution WANG Xinping;PENG Peng;YANG Shuyan;WANG Chong;
        Petrogenesis of the~2115 Ma Haicheng Mafic Sills in the Eastern North China Craton and Their Implications for An Intra-Continental Rifting WANG Xinping;PENG Peng;WANG Chong;YANG Shuyan;
        Multiple Phases of Mafic Magmatism in Gyangze-Kangma Area: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Tethyan Himalaya WANG Yaying;ZENG Lingsen;GAO Li-E;ZHAO Linghao;GAO Jiahao;SHANG Zhen;
        Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Cretaceous Adakitic Dykes from Eastern Cathaysia Block YANG Jinbao;ZHAO Zhidan;
        Genetic Relationship of the 1780-1760 Ma Dykes and the Coeval Volcanics in the Lvliang Area, North China YANG Shuyan;PENG Peng;Qin Zhaoyuan;WANG Xinping;WANG Chong;
        Zircon and Apatite U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Mafic Dykes in the Shuangxiwu Area, Northwestern Zhejiang Province: Constraints on the Initial Time of Neoproterozoic Rifting in South China ZHANG Fengfeng;WANG Xiaolei;
        The Geochemistry of Late Mesozoic Mafic Dyke Swarms in Fujian Province, Southeast China ZHANG Guishan;WEN Hanjie;LONG Jingshan;CHENG Sanyou;LI Yongjun;ZENG Rong;
        Early Permian Qiangtang Mantle Plume, Northern Tibet, China: Evidence from Geochemistry, Geochronology and Geological Responses ZHOU Xiaoyao;JIN Xin;ZHANG Yuxiu;
        Swarm Theory, Hydraulic Fracturing, and the Emergence of Natural Spacing within Dyke Swarms Andrew P.BUNGER;Thierry MENAND;Alexander CRUDEN;ZHANG Xi;Henry HALLS;
        Pit Chains Belonging to Radiating Graben-Fissure Systems on Venus: Model for Formation during Lateral Dyke Injection Calder W.PATTERSON;Richard E ERNST;Claire SAMSON;
        Relationship between the Vitória-Ecoporanga Dyke Swarm and the Vitória Structural High, Brazil Camilo I.Ordó?ez ARISTIZáBAL;André Luiz FERRARI;
        Mechanical Modeling of Dike Propagation: Methods, Recent Results and Links to Geophysics Eleonora RIVALTA;Benoit TAISNE;Andrew BUNGER;Richard KATZ;
        The Spatial-Temporal Distribution Patterns of Dyke Swarms in Central Asia and their Tectonic Significance: Case Studies in Eastern Tianshan and Western Junggar FENG Qianwen;LI Jinyi;LIU Jianfeng;
        Mechanical Modeling of Dike Pathways in the Crust: Effect of Layering and Surface Loads Francesco MACCAFERRI;Eleonora RIVALTA;Torsten DAHM;
        Mechanics of Mafic Dyke Swarms and Breakup of Supercontinent HOU Guiting;
        Dyke Emplacement in the Narmada Rift Zone and Implications for the Evolution of Deccan Traps JU Wei;HOU Guiting;K.R.HARI;
        Model Forming of Mesoarchean Gridino Mafic Dyke Swarm during Subduction "Mid-Ocean Ridge – Continent" Ksenia A.DOKUKINA;
        Microstructure Analysis of Syntectonic Dykes in NW of Alvand Pluton, Sanandaj Sirjan Zone, Iran Leili Izadi KIAN;
        Noncoaxial Progressive Deformation of Pegmatoied dykes, Sanandaj Sirjan Zone, Iran Leili Izadi KIAN;
        Cretaceous Stress Fields Evolution and Its Geodynamic Implications in Jiaolai Basin, Northern China LI Jie;HOU Guiting;
        Magnetic Fabrics and Paleomagnetism on Mesozoic Dike Swarms from S?o Sebasti?o and Ubatuba Regions, NE S?o Paulo State, SE Brazil Maria I.B. RAPOSO;
        Mechanism of the Formation of the East African Rift System MIN Ge;HOU Guiting;
        Mechanism of Zhongtiao Aulacogen Related to Breakup of Columbia Supercontinent SUN Shuai;HOU Guiting;
        3-D Seismic Imaging and Morpho-tectonical Interpretation of Saucerlike Dykes of the Tarim Flood Basalt Province, NW China TIAN Wei;WANG Lei;
        Magnetic Fabric Studies of Xiong'er Volcanic Rocks in Southern Margin of the North China Craton and its Implications XU Huiru;YANG Zhenyu;PENG Peng;GE Kunpeng;ZHU Rixiang;
        Dynamic Controls on the Formation of Mantle Plume Beneath the South China Sea Region YU Xuan;HOU Guiting;
        Global Mesozoic and Cenozoic Rift Systems: Constrain on the Tectonic Setting of Mafic Dyke Swarms ZHANG Huatian;LIU Jianghai;LIU Zhonglan;
        Neoproterozoic Magmatism in the Northern Margin of the Tarim Craton: Implications for Rodinia Reconstruction ZHANG Zhaowei;TANG Qingyan;LI Chusi;WANG Yalei;
        Evolution of the Nanhua-Sinian Rifts in the Tarim Block ZHENG Chunfang;HOU Guiting;GUAN Shuwei;
        Cerberus Fossae, Mars: The Case for Dike Intrusion-related Formation and Modification Amanda L.NAHM;Matthew W.PENDLETON;Simon A.KATTENHORN;
        Graben on the Lunar Nearside: Do Dikes Lie Beneath? Amanda L.NAHM;
        On Mars, Location and Orientation of Dykes Exposed along the Valles Marineris Walls Reveal Expected and Unexpected Stress Fields Daniel MèGE;Joanna GURGUREWICZ;
        The Ophir Chasma Dyke Swarm: Description and Implications for the Genesis of the Valles Marineris Northern Troughs Daniel MèGE;Joanna GURGUREWICZ;
        Comparison of Venusian Coronae with Giant Circumferential Dyke Swarms on Earth Erin M.BETHELL;Richard E.ERNST;Claire SAMSON;Kenneth L.BUCHAN;
        Radiating Dyke Swarms in the BAT Region on Venus: A Study From the Helen Planitia Quadrangle Jamie R.GRAFF;Richard E.ERNST;Claire SAMSON;
        Giant Circumferential Dyke Swarms on Earth: Possible Analogues of Coronae on Venus and Similar Features on Mars Kenneth L.BUCHAN;Richard E.ERNST;
        Origin of the ~1.74 Ga, Anorthosite-hosted Damiao Fe-Ti-P Ore Deposit, North China CHEN Terry Wei;ZHAO Taiping;
        Preliminary Study on the Metallogenic System of Mafic Large Igneous Provinces(MLIPs) LI Hongliang;LI Guangming;FU Jiangang;DONG Suiliang;QING Chengshi;DAI Zuowen;MIU Huaqing;
        Regolith Geochemical Studies in Kimberlitic Terrain: A Case Study from Lattavaram Kimberlite Cluster, Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India P.Ramesh CHANDRA PHANI;M.SRINIVAS;
        Chemical Characteristics of Cr-spinel of Chromites in Kuda Ophiolite of Western Kunlun and Its Geological Implications QIAO Gengbiao;WANG Ping;ZHAO Xiaojian;
        Large Igneous Provinces, Their Giant Mafic Dyke Swarms, and Links to Metallogeny Simon M.JOWITT;Richard E.ERNST;
        Formation of the Giant Bayan Obo Deposit by ca. 1.3 Ga Carbonatitic Magmatism and its Link with Continental Rifting in the Columbia Supercontinent ZHANG Shuanhong;ZHAO Yue;LIU Yongsheng;
        Petrography and Geochemistry of New Finding Alkaline Lamprophyre Dyke in Eastern Margin of the Eastern Dharwar Craton, Near Khammam, Telangana, India Debapriya Adhikary;Rajesh Kumar Sahoo;Nirmala Maurya;
        Genesis and Distribution of Ultra-alkaline Magmatism within the East Antarctic Associated with the Kerguelen Plume Activity Nadezhda M.Sushchevskaya;Boris V.Belyatsky;Robert Sh.Krymsky;
        A Neoarchean Subduction Polarity Reversal Event in the North China Craton: Evidence from 2.5 Ga Mafic Dikes and Coeval Granites DENG Hao;WANG Junpeng;Timothy KUSKY;WANG Lu;Ali POLAT;
        A Sheeted Dike Complex in the Protrozoic Miaowan Ophiolite Complex on the Northern Yangtze Craton: Recording Seafloor Spreading DENG Hao;Timothy KUSKY;PENG Songbai;WANG Lu;JIANG Xingfu;WANG Junpeng;
        Sheeted Dike Complexes in Contemporary Oceanic Crust: Implications for Spreading Processes and the Interpretation of Ophiolites Jeffrey A.KARSON;
        The Significance of Sheeted Dike Complexes in Ophiolites Tim KUSKY;Paul ROBINSON;
        Petrogenesis of Late Mesozoic Calc-Alkaline Lamprophyres from Sulu UHP Terrane, Eastern China: Implications to Paleo-Pacific Plate Subduction and Destruction of the North China Craton WANG Zhuocheng;WANG Lu;Timothy KUSKY;DING Yue;WANG Songjie;DENG Hao;FENG Peng;
        The Chromitites Associated with the Pan-African Ophiolites in Egypt Mohamed Metwaly ABU ANBAR;
        The Characteristics of Yongzhu–Guomang Lake Ophiolitic Melange in Bangong-Nujiang Suture, Xizang(Tibet),China CHEN Songyong;YANG Jingsui;WU Yong;WU Weiwei;ZHANG Cai;
        Chemical Variation of Chromian Spinel Compositions in a Serpentinized Peridotites: Implications for Evolution of the Neoproterozoic Ophiolites Hamed Gamal EL DIEN;Tomoaki MORISHITA;Mohamed HAMDY;Abdel Salam ABU EL-ELA;Adel HASSAN;Yusuke SODA;
        Compositions & Melt Evolution of Upper Mantle Peridotites in the Tethyan Ophiolites Yildirim DILEK;
        A Paleoproterozoic(Orosirian) Ophiolitic Mélange, North Yangzte Craton HAN Qingsen;PENG Songbai;Ali POLAT;Timothy KUSKY;
        Bohemian Microdiamonds: Diamond-forming Media and Carbon Source Jana KOTKOVA;Yana FEDORTCHOUK;Petra JAKUBOVA;Martin WHITEHOUSE;Richard WIRTH;
        The Metamorphic Processes and Its Geological Implications of Gneisses from the Duoba Terrane of Xizang(Tibet) Plateau, China LI Peng;ZHANG Cong;HUANG Jie;YANG Jingsui;
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        Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition)2016年各期:  [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [S1]
        Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition) 其它年:   [2019]   [2018]   [2017]   [2015]
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